Krion6D is a complete IT solution for the Construction/Infrastructure industry based on
the concept of “Digital Twin.” The Krion6D module is an integrated cloud platform to manage
data models, people, process, and assets throughout the lifecycle of a construction project.
The module has predictive analytic features to anticipate and forecast in all the stages of
Construction/Infra. It works on public, private, and virtual cloud infrastructure and uses
Artificial Intelligence for operational insights and efficiency.


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Design Project Management

Minimize risks and unexpected costs and ensure your vision comes to life with designs that easily support BIM workflows.

Digital Construction Platform

Seamlessly connect the office to the field and easily manage design data and technology assets across project sites, connect with us

Construction Project Management

Connect and synchronize teams across the project lifecycle with scheduling, project controls, and collaboration

Construction Data and Intelligence

Construction Management Software Limited are one of the leading suppliers and developers of construction estimating.




Identifying and documenting the problems and concerns
early in the project lifecycle to avoid wastage and keep the
project on track.



Provide a structured process for raising requests and ensure
that the organization makes informed decisions when
selecting suppliers, vendors, or partners and keep the team
well informed of the Project to track the decisions.

Dashboards & Reports

Enabling real-time project monitoring through a dashboard is a powerful way to keep track of the progress and performance of a project. This approach allows project managers and stakeholders to access up-to-the-minute data and key metrics, which can help in making informed decisions, identifying issues early, and ensuring that the project stays on track. Project Reports provides an overview of the design’s requirements, data availability and Final output captured in a systematic format.

Task List & Gantt Chart

Unified task-based review of all activities is a comprehensive
approach to examining and managing tasks and activities
within a project, organization, or any context where numerous
tasks are involved. Track the progress of a project, coordinate
design and review processes, and manage project schedules
effectively as well as provides a visual representation of
tasks, milestones, and their respective timelines.

gantt chart

Transmittals & Submittals

Share a centralized repository of project documents, ensuring
that all stakeholders have access to the latest versions. This
promotes document control and reduces the risk of using
outdated or incorrect information


Standardize the collection of project data and information
from Vendors and Sub contractors and monitoring the same
under the workflow.



Streamline collaboration, communication, and task
management within a project team facilitates real-time
discussions, updates, and coordination, making it easier for
team members to work together efficiently

Krion6D Neo

Mark-Ups and Commenting

Provides effective collaboration among team members.
Multiple stakeholders can contribute their insights,
suggestions, or feedback by adding their own markups and
comments to a shared document in the form of lines,
shapes, arrows, text, or highlights


Visualization with Digital Twin

Direct viewing of 2D and 3D models enhances workflow
efficiency by reducing the steps required to access and
analyze design data. Users can access and view design
models seamlessly within the platform, eliminating the need
to switch between different software tools. The viewer is not
limited to Autodesk files; it also facilitates viewing MS
Office, PDF, and IFC files


Identify and highlight changes between different versions
of design documents. This is essential for tracking
modifications made during the design and development
process, helping stakeholders quickly understand what has
been altered.

Multi-model view

Multi model View

Coordinate various design disciplines, such as architectural,
structural, mechanical, and electrical systems. This helps
identify clashes, conflicts, or inconsistencies early in the
design phase, leading to smoother project execution.

Clash Detection

Minimizes design errors by identifying and highlighting
clashes and conflicts early in the project. This proactive
approach prevents costly errors and rework during
construction. Also streamlines the design review process,
allowing project teams to resolve issues promptly which
leads to faster project delivery and minimizes construction

krion6d neo Clash Detection


Assists in sequencing and scheduling by allowing project
managers and teams to create and visualize project
schedules as well as helps establish project milestones,
deadlines, and critical paths.

BIM Data Analytics

Connect external data sources to the BIM model to get intelligent insights derived from cross-referencing building objects to cost, energy, progress, logistics, and maintenance information in real-time.

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