Krion6D gives construction companies access to the most comprehensive and cutting-edge cost estimating software solutions currently on the market, allowing these companies to generate and manage construction cost estimates that are accurate to the real world. The cutting-edge method of budget management that Krion6D employs takes care of everything, including the pricing of bids, the monitoring of progress on-site, and the forecasting of requirements. You’ll be able to secure and successfully finish more civil construction projects with the assistance of our user-friendly construction estimate software. 

Cost Estimations And Competitive Bidding

The first stage in the process of negotiating a successful construction contract is to produce an accurate offer for the construction project. Krion6D is aware of the significance of accurately modelling costs based on real-world data in order to give civil contractors with the tools necessary to provide accurate estimates of building projects. Krion6D is a first principles estimation software platform that includes cost libraries to enable quick production of bids. If you have a better understanding of your actual construction costs, the accuracy of your construction estimates will improve, which will ultimately lead to an improvement in your project margins. 


Control building costs in real time

With the Krion6D programme, you can keep your building expenditures under control and own your construction budget. The Krion6D construction budget management software ensures the profitability of your construction project by providing the necessary budget management tooling to continuously track progress and monitor allowed expenditures. This enables the software to ensure that your construction project is profitable. We provide civil contractors the ability to rapidly identify and fix cost overruns, which helps to ensure that their construction projects remain as lucrative as possible. 


Predicting Business strategies

For a variety of building projects, Krion6D delivers advanced solutions for forecasting and business information in construction procurement. Our construction cost estimation software equips builders with the tools they need to take charge of risk management and direct the course of a building project. Predictable revenue will help your business expand, and coordinating the planning and execution of building projects can streamline your operations and save you time. 

Are You Game To Save on Cost and Time overruns?

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction. Bring every project team together from design to turnover on a single construction management software solution. Connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth. 

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