Construction Data Management and Intelligence

Data Management Software

Accurate data presented in the appropriate format is necessary for effective data management throughout the whole construction site. In addition to managing site collaboration, machine and survey designs, and as-built information from field devices, our design management software and data preparation tools handle designs for as-built information. Krion 6D provides a premier data management hub that connects civil contractors to the essential data they require. This hub ensures that users are constantly connected to their devices while they are working in the field and provides processes that are simple to use for design management and transfer. 

Schematics Administration and Information Sharing

By the use of automated data transfer, you can reduce the likelihood of misunderstandings occurring both in and out of the field. As a construction data manager, you have the ability to make certain that all surveyed data is included into the duties at the jobsite and the updates on the progress. Krion 6D helps to reducing unnecessary effort by guaranteeing that data management is accurate, up to date, and given in the appropriate manner. 


Monitoring of Workplace Operations and Activities

Make sure that the design and goal information for each machine is accurate so that unexpected work and delays may be avoided. Automate the collection of data from the field to the office in order to obtain precise and up-to-date information on the status of the work being done in relation to the design in terms of the production quantities, the area graded, or the area compacted. Our data management software provides you with data that is up-to-date and actionable, giving you the ability to operate your firm with more confidence and increase your profits. 


Are You Game To Save on Cost and Time overruns?

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction. Bring every project team together from design to turnover on a single construction management software solution that prioritizes efficient data management. Connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth. 

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