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The people who will lead in the future are the ones who can adjust to the changes that are happening now. Krion6D is a comprehensive and cutting-edge cloud suite that gives your teams access to cutting-edge capabilities. These capabilities include artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the manual processes that slow them down, analytics to react in real time to shifts in the market, and automatic updates to keep up with the times and gain an advantage over the competition. 

Predictable error detection

Large discrepancies between what was anticipated and what actually occurred are quite undesirable. The majority of models, on the other hand, have too many restrictions since they are based on sample datasets or simply on intuition. Krion6D integrates machine learning into predictive planning and forecasting, allowing you to make use of more extensive information, unearth hidden bias, find major deviations, and shorten your total reaction time. 

Automation at your fingertips

Reduce the amount of time you spend compiling data and increase the amount of time you spend analysing what the data tells you. By automating the most time-consuming and routine business operations, Krion6D Cloud frees up more time for your team to focus on strategic work. This may be beneficial when doing things like developing your story for the market or evaluating prospective M&A activity. It is possible to automate up to 95% of business processes with AI. 

Speed up your daily routine

You are able to ask straightforward queries like “what’s the status of my open purchase requisitions” since the digital assistant that is powered by Krion6D  makes routine chores easier and more efficient. as well as “what kinds of reconciliations are expected today?” It is possible to expedite the approval process by having personalised activities such as invoices or notifications of going over budget sent to you in a proactive manner. 

Stay ahead in game

Every day, it becomes more difficult to maintain a lead over growing rivals and changing client preferences. It is much simpler to recognise and implement new business models when using Krion6D. Furthermore, you can analyse the outcomes in real time in order to continuously improve your strategy. When combined with insights from machine learning, such as customer turnover, you will be able to identify and avert problems before they can do any damage. 

Design Management

A methodical approach needs to be used in order to achieve success in building engineering. You’ll be able to streamline that design process and easily collaborate with building owners as well as contractors when you use the cutting-edge technology solutions offered by Krion6D. As a result, you’ll be able to deliver a design that is ready for construction and can be constructed with full assurance. The software provided by Krion6D is useful for: 

Comprehensive models

All members of the team are able to exchange model data across all disciplines, and the process is both open and iterative, so any modifications that are made are communicated immediately.

Good for Construction shop drawings

Deliver correct drawings with interlinked to your model data for construction purposes. Boost your accuracy to 100% with the industry leading tools.

One source of Truth

Monitor the evolution of the design through real-time collaboration inside a single central model.

Uninterrupted Collaboration

Regardless of the source of the design data, you should create a project model that is consistent and comprehensive before employing model sharing. 

Brilliance; Minimize Errors with Krion6D

Continuous model sharing allows for an effective reduction in the number of design faults. Constantly current and accessible at all times. 

Quantity Takeoffs

Takeoff of quantities that is both efficient and precise over the entirety of the model, irrespective of the instrument that was used to generate the data. 

At-par Visualization

The design is given a natural appearance and feel by a realistic looking model that is generated directly from the intended data without the need for any further work utilising a separate visualisation tool. Now you can use Krion6D to connect your VR systems in the model visualization process. 


Krion6D helps you deliver projects above the industry standards, every time, without fail. 

Connect with competent players

A collaborative system that brings together general contractors and subcontractors allows for the publishing, reviewing, and awarding of bids. Simplify preconstruction processes, documentation, and communications.


Optimize resource utilisation across all of your projects, no matter how large or small, by coordinating your office and field personnel with a single integrated CPM and task plan.

Risk Mitigation

Keeping projects on schedule requires early risk identification using predictive intelligence as well as the ability to make sound judgements.

Connected Changes

Get early visibility into the implications modifications will have on costs. Make adjustments to your strategy using real-time budget and expense data that is linked to project timelines.

Track all developments

To ensure that projects are completed successfully and profitably, each member of the team should be provided with the appropriate knowledge. Increase your productivity and ensure that your creations are error-free by using a one-of-a-kind data model that removes obstacles to teamwork and the exchange of data.

Pay the right price

Transfer money around your supply chain in a way that is both safe and efficient, with as few interruptions and delays as possible. Reduce the complexity of compliance requirements, billing, and payments. Be sure to pay your delivery workers on time and without any complications.

Are You Game To Save on Cost and Time overruns?

Connect workflows, teams, and data at every stage of construction. Bring every project team together from design to turnover on a single construction management software solution. Connect workflows and collaborate securely from a single source of truth. 

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